Figment and Hardwood Harps

Two Figment Harps

Figment Paraguayan Harp and Figment Celtic Harp both share the Clear/Solid secret

Hardwood Elegance 30 String Harp

Airbrushed black tips on a silver/sparkle body give a great dramatic look


Figment Paraguayan (foreground) and Figment Celtic (background). Hybrid construction, with a combination of clear sections and wood (or colored) sections, for a dramatic look that can be exciting with the internal lights, or more traditional when so desired.

Hardwood harps, such as the silver & black 30 string harp on the right, are the lightest weight members of our harp family, and they can also contain LEDs which illuminate the space between the split harmonic curve twins and upwards to shine on the strings.  There is also a clear rod, along the diagonal arm, which is illuminated by three independent LEDs.