Chromatic Harps

Electric Chromatic Harp, leaning on a fence

Clean Modern Styling of the White Chromatic Electric Harp




chromatic scale diagram

26 string Chromatic setup, no gaps

26 string chromatic harp in the fully strung format.


chrom 36

Gold Chromatic Electric Harp with 5/7 string plan






36 string chromatic harp, in a 5/7 string format.





Chromatic setup can be done in ClearTones, Figment, and Hardwood Elegance designs.

Built-in (full color or white) LEDs add a bright twinkle to the harp, and to the smile of the player.

Gold Chromatic Harp in Alt-Rock Band

Digitally-Controlled LEDs and Chromatic Stringing make for a great addition to the band’s show