Rhodri Davies and Cassista Electric Harp

Rhodri Davies poses with Electric Harp


CocoRosie with ClearTones 30 at Bajidora Festival










Michelle and Rhythm Method with ‘Golden Gate’




Max and Electric Elegance 40

“The harp is fabulous! …it’s lovely!” –  U.K.

“It is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to get home and have a couple of rousing airs on it (and some Breton song of course)!” –  London

“Sorry I’m emailing you so late, but I thought I should get some experience before giving you feedback. I just wanted to thank the both of you for giving me the most amazing instrument I have ever seen! The harp is absolutely perfect and it allows me to have so much fun expanding my abilities and just messing around. When we took it to go get an Amp I think a crowd of about 20 people pried open the door to the sound room so they could hear, haha. We ended up going with a Vox and it is so much fun to play with!



The Harp also has opened up more school time for me…It is so much easier to get to school in the morning, and the first day I brought it in to Orchestra I walked up to my teacher with a huge smile on my face and said “Guess what? I put my harp in the car this morning with one hand!”…This harp has opened up so many possibilities, and best of all it is really awesome! Thank you so much!!!” –  California USA

“Just a note to say that (S) still loves the harp very much, and it causes quite a stir whenever she’s playing. It is truly wonderful!” – Wales

“I LOVED THEM!” – comment on a harp blog regarding our harps at Somerset

“…asked me to tell you that she thinks the harp is wonderful, it turns heads wherever she goes with it. She really does love it!”

“Your harp looks great! I know (V) will love it!” – Idaho USA

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