ClearTones 26 String

ice harp electric harp

Young harper girl holds ‘Ice Harp’ in a snowy world

As a therapy harp, a performance instrument, or just as a musical household friend, the ClearTones 26 fits the bill.

Kaleigh, as seen in the photo, was a diminutive 14 year old.  This harp is a good choice for her, due to its smaller size, and yet it has the beauty and sound to fully capture the love and full attention of any player or audience it will encounter.

Our clear harps are also more durable than a typical wood acoustic harp. If Kaleigh were to have posed in a snowstorm while holding an acoustic wooden harp, there is little doubt that the harp would have been badly damaged. For a Lucite harp, winter cold and and a little snow pose no great challenge.