Our Harps

Kerli holding a Harp (in Heaven?)

Kerli, International pop artist and songwriter, holds CT30 Clear Harp

See our 30 string and 26 string options for completely clear harps.


Our Celtic Figment and Paraguayan Figment hybrid Clear + Wood (or colors) harps.

ClearTones harps are crystal-clear Lucite, precision designed and polished to a fine degree.
Internal lighting and preamp (and built-in tuner option) bring fun and practicality to the ethereal beauty in your hands.


Clear Harps are the Clear winners!


Girl in snow holding harp

An ‘ice’ harp at home in the snow

ClearTones 30 with black levers

I think I left a harp around here somewhere…




Clear Harp by the icy pond

Yes, that is an actual snowstorm. ClearTones harps are considerably more weather-ready than an acoustic harp!