About Birds, Skinny Whales, and Grabbers

Each Cassista Electric Harp, fully levered, is made up of several hundred precision-machined components.
Around the shop, we tend to call them by names that they are shaped like (sort-of).

3D CAD detail

A closeup of one of the 3D precision CNC machinings that makes a Cassista Electric Harp work so well.

So, here are some of the colorfully-named parts that you will find somewhere in each Cassista Electric Harp:

Racecars,    Birds,     Skinny Whales,     Fat Whales,     Wings,     Guns,     Bullets,

Eyes,     Beaks,     Nose Covers,     Shelves,     Pillbox Hats,  

and Grabbers.

We work dilligently to assure that your Guns and Bullets stay firmly affixed to your Fat Whale, and that you never are bothered by an improperly placed Grabber!

(That’s not actually as rude as it sounds…in our shop talk, this all makes perfect sense!)