ElectricHarp is now Cassista Electric Harps

  ElectricHarp.com is now Cassista Electric Harps !

Moving forward from the groundbreaking and visually stunning classic ElectricHarp.com designs, Harp Designer Phil Cassista updates and expands Cassista Electric Harps to even greater performance, sound, and playability.

Now standard on most Cassista Electric Harps:

  • Built-in high performance pre-amp
  • Built-in electronic tuner with mute-while-tuning
  • FingertipLever(tm) easy-set levers
  • Full Color LEDs (in most illuminated versions)
  • Rubber pushbutton controls for quiet adjustments
  • Headphone/mini speaker 3.5 mm output jack
  • Open-source USB jack for further control of LEDs